Suppliers of cable television equipment for residential and commercial developments

Company Profile

In May 1970, Hans Poeller, the MD of a Munich based cable TV company, visited South Africa to investigate the requirements for the planned TV service for this country.

TVAE is Born

Hans decided to emigrate and provide a professional service in this specialised field. Subsequently Television Aerial Electronics, abbreviated to TVAE, was registered in Pretoria on the 17th of September 1970.

His technical expertise in this field goes back to 1958, when employed at Siemens, Germany he was introduced to what was probably Germany's first cable television systems. He subsequently specialized in antenna technology, worked for many years as systems-planner and field engineer and eventually founded his own, Munich based company.

TVAE, the new South African company, soon became involved in many large and unique projects

One year later, Franz Back, previously a technician in the Munich Company, joined TVAE. Today he is known and respected for his technical knowledge.

TVAE has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town with our head office in Pinetown, Durban.

Our Philosophy

"We believe in Leadership through Quality therefore we put great emphasis on professional know-how and quality products."

Preparing for the Future

The basis of digital services goes back to 1994 when the European DVB commission published digital technology guidelines to the international community. This was the dawn of a wave of new digital services. For example one of these is the cell phone. There are numerous others which followed.

TV*AE is geared for this through ongoing studies and training. We share our knowledge with installers in all the major centres.

We cannot prevent unqualified installers and inferior products entering the market, but we can inform and lead by example to improve the standards in the industry.