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Here is an example of our newsletter called 'Wavelength'

Once upon a time…

… each house was decorated with its very own TV aerial. Soon thereafter a satellite dish had to be installed to enable the reception of the DSTV channels. Cost played an important roll and therefore the cheapest equipment was installed. In no time at all the reception quality was up to the standard of the equipment.

Some learned to live with the less than perfect picture quality, others paid installers again and again for patching up the same installation with the same kind of equipment they had purchased before. The accumulative costs became substantial.

Others purchased expensive TV sets only to discover, that now they had a clearer picture of a bad reception. There have been many unhappy people.

It does not have to be like that.

With the increasing demand on security, housing estates provided a new way of life. In most of these not a single aerial or satellite dish can be seen and everyone can receive top quality TV reception of all currently available analogue and digital TV programs as well as Internet access, E-,mails, telephony over IP .The systems can be upgraded to receive and distribute HDTV and IP TV.

Considering the substantial costs for individual services, it was only natural to provide a central system professionally designed and built with quality components designed especially for estates.

If designed and installed correct the benefits are a considerably longer service life with a constant, good reception quality. Such systems are future safe, as they can be upgraded to new and additional services, if and when these become available.